Knife Collection Day of Reckoning Coming

I love my knife collection. I love good knives, and I insist that different knives – of different types but also of different designs within a type – have their own uses and purposes in a kitchen where you prepare varied cuisines.

However, my preferences within each knife type is starting to gel and I know there are some knives in my 160+ knife collection (including intentional duplicates) that will simply never become my favorites. These are the knives that, usually for subjective reasons due to feel and preference, I know I will not reach for if there is something else of the same type nearby. These are the ones that just do not suit me very well.

There is a saying when it comes to investments: If you wouldn’t buy it now at its current price, sell it.

That’s the policy that I’m taking as I review my Excel spreadsheet that details out my knife collection. Yeah, when you have this many knives, you need to use some way to track everything!

There are currently 16 knives on my definite to-sell list. There are another 51 that are on the maybe list. These maybe knives are ones that I will need to deliberately use and assess again in the next little while. This will be the fastest, most concentrated knife comparison that I will make amongst my knives. Chances are that for many of these knives this will be the last chance I will have to note down what I think of them in some form of review for you.

The impetus for doing this is two-fold. First, the Kaneshige nakiri that I described in my previous post has to go. It really doesn’t suit me. The decision to sell that one knife removed a mental block and has made almost every other knife that I own a potential item to sell off. Once I removed the mental block of “I’m not selling any of these wonderful knives!”, everything else also became fair game.

Second, I need to free up some money. I have a lot of money sitting around in the form of those knives. I have some debts to pay off, and I intend to spend a bit of money this year on some skydiving jumps and on target practice at the shooting range. My to-sell list of knives represents just over $3000 in funds spent in the past. My maybe list of knives represents over $12,000 of funds spent in the past. That’s a lot of money tied up in knives that I either already know aren’t at the top of my pick list – and which I would not now buy again – or which I am uncertain about.

The knives that I am keeping are those that I know, with absolute certainty, fit me and my style or those that I can tell my wife likes to use.

For the benefit of those of you who appreciate good knives, I’m going to share periodic updates based on my rapid testing of the knives on the maybe list.

Until next time, have fun, kick ass, and think about the stuff that you have: if you wouldn’t buy it again now at market value, sell it.


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  1. Quick-testing on my knives continues. I will post up some quick-reviews as I begin to sell off the knives that I don’t absolutely love.

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